Engagement Highlights

We invite you to scroll down for a list of event highlights and organizations for which the Ladies have mingled and entertained as whimsical guests:magnifeyesfor booking: theladiesinwhite@gmail.com

H’arts for the Homeless: 2014/15/16

Vancity Picnic: 2014

Whistler Street Entertainment: 2013/14/15/16

VIFF gala opening 2010/2013

RCMP’s Musical Ride 2013

Trout Lake Day 2013

Vancity Mutual Funds Conference 2013

Electro Swing New Years 2013

Portland Hotel Society’s Opera Event 2012/2013/14/15

Parade of lost Souls 2012/13/14/15

United Way fundraising event 2012

Bloom Gala 2012:  www.bloomgala.com

Vancouver Story Telling Societies “ELEMENTAL” Reception 2012:

Push Festival Gala Opening 2011

Several Private Parties

Vancouver Folk Festival 2007, 1008, 2009

In the House Festival 2013/14/15: http://www.inthehousefestival.com

Public Dreams:  www.publicdreams.org

Mid-Summer Fete 2011/2012/2013

VIFF Gala Opening 2010

Support Insite Benefit Show (Portland Hotel Society)

New Years 2009 with Michael Franti

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